Is In This Moment Metal?

Published by admin on July 29th, 2011

is in this moment metal?In This Moment is a North Hollywood, California-based band that’s led by photogenic frontwoman Maria Brink. Since 2007, In This Moment has released three studio albums: Beautiful Tragedy (2007), The Dream (2008) and A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010). The band’s records have sold better with each release. Their debut album failed to chart, while subsequent efforts landed at No. 73 and 40 on Billboard, respectively.

In This Moment has played at Ozzfest and shared the stage with true metal acts such as Megadeth and Rob Zombie. They are signed to Century Media Records, which specializes in metal and extreme genres. So, has In This Moment proved itself as a bona fide metal band? On to the debate.

In This Moment’s first album features clean vocals mixed with screaming by Brink. For the most part, the backing is rather heavy. There seems to be more emphasis on the vocals than the instruments. Check out the video below of the album’s titular track.

In This Moment seems to be influenced by 1990s metal acts like White Zombie and Pantera (they covered the latter’s “I’m Broken”) as well as  metalcore such as Killswitch Engage and Earth Crisis. It is not what some old timers would consider heavy metal, but that doesn’t necessarily disqualify it.

Their sophomore album is more melodic than their debut, but still features a metallic sound. The first song on their 2010 album might be the heaviest track they’ve done, plus it has some Ted Nugent-esque guitar thrown in for good measure. It’s worth checking out. Watch it below.

So, is In This Moment metal?

Our verdict: Yes

But more importantly, what do you think? Is In This Moment heavy metal? Vote and comment below! 

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